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Previous Winners (Season) Most Points (Season) Most Wins (Season) Most Losses (Season) Career Totals

Career Standings

PlaceTeam (owner)WLPCT
1.Gummy Lightning (degoat11)209212110.633
2.Picking Winners is my Forte (Christy)207111730.638
3.NonCompliant (RedBeard)202212330.621
4.Turd and Long (Ruskay)195610700.646
5.NStrike (BigDave)189510870.635
6.Raiders (DarthRaider)179510860.623
7.Desert Swarm (Herbert)17749970.640
8.Royale With Cheese (CaptGarp)17459850.639
9.Anteaters (Vernon)170810920.610
10.Turd Furguson (scottbiss)163510310.613
11.The OnDemand Cowbells (dash)14948440.639
12.Commitment to Excellence (raiders4life)14408780.621
13.Dustins Educated Guesses (dahelak)12097490.617
14.WF Rules (thandler)9946490.605
15.Dazed and Confused (davereed15)9675640.632
16.GO CUBS (chccubs12)9035530.620
17. (Kelly)8204890.626
18.TeamKristi (TeamKristi)7565020.601
19.Da Bears (Paul)7174140.633
20. (Koonce)6434020.615
21.testiclees (corey)6054340.582
22.Red Eagle (Kendar)4923500.584
23.Aaron Rodgers and Kmart (Doug)4883210.603
24.crankinoff (dudgeon)4292220.658
25. (SloppyJoes)4112290.642
26.The Bengals Are Awful (Casey)3712560.591
27.BuckSox (Beth)3682690.578
28.The Bonos (Jeffreysmama)3492430.589
29.Ol' Greybeards Top Picks (Deissman)3452250.605
30.Frog (Emily)3312090.612
31.Da Bears (mikiehollywood)3182200.591
32.The Flying Hellfish (Matt)3081530.668
33.Unknown (Ashley)2551520.626
34.Teams from Cities with Most Hillbillies (danull)2542150.541
35.Ryanators (RyanRuskay)2271520.599
36.Die Hard Niner Fan (Maya)2101410.598
36.Go Colts (Mescall)2101380.603
38.Bringing up the Rear (Derek)1941640.542
39.Kristina and Pablo (krisp)1891220.608
40.DaDums (DaDom)180990.645
41.Los lobos (Tjlofton)179910.663
42.Men in tights (TNT)1771120.612
43.Bucs Fan (dannyn1227)1651080.604
44.grant3wishes (Jeannie)160920.635
45.CavityCreeps (CavityCreeps)146930.611
46.MICHAEL VICK'S COCK TEASERS (BillyMac)140960.593
47. (Jimbofagan)128980.566
48.The Method (hiro)125830.601
49.Dogg Pound (MattK578)124820.601
50.mals picks (gail22)97480.668
51.FckHeinekenPBR (DartBoard)94370.718
52.Smack Dave like a Bitch (Pabst)88520.628
53.Bounty Program (MLempicki)87730.544
54.The Gray Bush (Gary06)81490.623
54.ditkadaaabears (ditkadaaaabears)81520.609 ducks (cece)79550.590
57.Wifflesnuffin Dinkelheimerschmidt (vargsguy)63570.525
58.Cosbys Sleepers (dllehr)62580.517
59.Not Wanted (djjellojeffro)56460.549
60.Bacon (MarkLempicki)55490.528
61.Buttcheeto 1 and Buttcheeto 2 (Cole)49410.544
62.Timon8er (Timon)47370.560
63.GotEm (GotEm)44300.594
64.PackAttack (Justin)36260.580
65.TDs and Beer (RyanWisniewski)35290.547
66. (TReed)33260.559
67. (Wayne)30180.625
68.i vote for absolute scoring (franko)27420.391
69.Renegades (Luna)1220.857
70.Doggie Piles (Bear)970.563
71. (TomEaves)880.500
72.Ms. NFL Office Pool (Christine)000.000