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This site was designed to be a non-profit, non-denominatinal betting pool. It is to be used for bragging rights only and has no association with the NFL or any of the 32 professional football teams in the NFL.


All picks for regular season games must be made by the official time the game is scheduled to start by the NFL.

Making Your Picks

Each week, a user can select who they think will win each matchup. The user will be rewarded 1 point for each correct pick, and deducted 1 point for each incorrect pick. Failure to select a winner for a matchup will result in no reward/deduction for that game. Picks can be altered and will not be final until the deadline for submitting picks for the current week has been reached.

League Play

Each player will be assigned to one league, and will compete against all others in their league for the regular season.

The Playoffs

At the end of the regular season, only the top five players from each league will have earned the right to continue in the Winners League. Each playoff contender will keep their current points and compete for first place. Each regular playoff game will be worth 2 points and the Super Bowl will be worth 4. Each pick not made will be treated as a loss. Playoff games matter, so make sure you remember to make your picks!


If you have not made any picks within the first three weeks of regular season play, you will be disqualified and removed from the game. Failure to submit your picks after you have qualified for a minimum of one week will not result in any penalty. In order to qualify, you MUST submit picks for at least one week by Week 3.