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Winners Bracket

PlaceTeam (owner)ScoreW-LPCT
1. (SloppyJoes)88179-87.673
1.Commitment to Excellence (raiders4life)88176-91.659
3.Picking Winners is my Forte (Christy)86176-91.659
4.The OnDemand Cowbells (dash)81168-90.651
5.Desert Swarm (Herbert)78171-96.640
6.NStrike (BigDave)77169-93.645
7.Gummy Lightning (degoat11)74172-95.644
8.Dustins Educated Guesses (dahelak)68168-93.644
9.Raiders (DarthRaider)55163-100.620
10.Royale With Cheese (CaptGarp)51162-100.618
11.Dazed and Confused (davereed15)39152-89.631

Losers Bracket

PlaceTeam (owner)ScoreW-LPCT
1.Anteaters (Vernon)42136-78.636
2.WF Rules (thandler)38147-85.634
3.Turd Furguson (scottbiss)31134-95.585
4.Buttcheeto 1 and Buttcheeto 2 (Cole)19135-116.538
5.NonCompliant (RedBeard)9125-92.576
6.TeamKristi (TeamKristi)-1351-40.560
7.Bounty Program (MLempicki)-1535-26.574
8.Bucs Fan (dannyn1227)-219-6.600
8.Cosbys Sleepers (dllehr)-2168-65.511
8.Timon8er (Timon)-219-6.600