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Message (created on: 2012-01-16)
BigDave said:

Who has won in previous years? Joe and I were trying to remember and couldn't come up with the answer to it...

2005 - 2006: Dash (4 player season)
2006 - 2007: Houzenga?
2007 - 2008: Dash again?
2008 - 2009: ?
2009 - 2010: ?
2010 - 2011: Dash a third time?
2011 - 2012:

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Reply on: (02/02/12 - 01:06 am)
CaptGarp said:
I won it at some point, but I can't remember what year that was.

Reply on: (02/07/12 - 4:55 pm)
Christy said:
Well, I guess we owe you (Dave) a big congrats for taking home the trophy this year! Until next year :D