Hillbillies FTW

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Message (created on: 2012-10-11)
danull said:

stupid hirrbirries had a bad week. must be moonshine bottling season, they're off their game.

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Message (created on: 2012-09-28)
danull said:

Teams from cities with the most hillbillies

Tennerrssee going all the way to the superbowl this year jive turkeys

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Reply on: (10/02/12 - 12:46 pm)
BigDave said:
MAYBERRIESBORO! (I change the spelling every time... :] )

Reply on: (10/05/12 - 5:08 pm)
redbeard said:
Hillbillies are people too?

Message (created on: 2012-09-27)
danull said:

No such thing as luck, or for that matter skill in the NFL. Just random game with a bunch of guys who were fat in high school hugging and tackling each other. And way too many hillbillies.

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Reply on: (09/27/12 - 6:58 pm)
BigDave said:
What did you end up going with for your 2012 picking heuristic?

Message (created on: 2012-09-24)
danull said:

Hand in your man cards, noobs....

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Reply on: (09/26/12 - 1:40 pm)
degoat11 said:
Two words: Lucky Bastard.